Technical Cinematic Artist

June 2019 – TODAY

» Development of AAA quality cinematics / cutscenes in Frostbite, Unreal Engine and DCC tools.

» Technical communication with Game Development teams

» Supervision and development of cinematic studio pipeline

» Animation, composition, lighting and rendering of cinematics

» Quality Assurance and troubleshooting

» Developing new technology and workflows

» Co-development of innovative marketing products: NFS HEAT Studio App 

Cinematic Artist

July 2017 – June 2019

» Development of AAA quality cinematics / cutscenes

» Developing technological advancements in Frostbite Game Engine

» Use of real-life camera behavior to enhance the camera’s role in storytelling

» Animation, composition, lighting and rendering of cinematics

» Developing new technology for more efficient workflows

Lead Compositor

Apr. 2015 – June 2017

» Post-production supervision and quality-assurance of compositings and 3D renders

» Planning and conception of workflows and processes

» Instructing and training colleagues, especially in the field of integrating film with 3D renderings and color matching

» Coordination and project management for international customers and the EU research project DREAMSPACE aiming at the development of a novel 3D Augmented Reality camera system

Art Director

Nov. 2013 – Mar. 2015

» Creation of customer-specific Motion Graphics and 3D Animations

» Managing of the in-house media team

» Client communication and consultation

» Production of interactive multimedia applications

» Collaborative work on in-house product development

» Certified Instructor for “Media Designer Digital and Print”

Motion Graphics Artist

Mar. 2012 – Nov. 2013

» Creation of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects: DHL/DSI, P&G Lifestyle: Hugo Boss, Bruno Banani, Gucci, Lacoste

» Concept creation and planning for cross-media and movie projects

» Instruction and supervision of new team members

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