Hi, my name is

Marc Philipp Schmitz.

I am a Cinematic Artist working in the video game industry, based in Cologne (Germany). I love creating beautiful cinematography, rendering stunning 3D projects and improving technical workflows

– always one frame ahead.


It Takes Two - Reveal Trailer

FIFA 21 - "Win As One" Official Launch Trailer

FIFA 21 - Next Gen Launch Trailer

FIFA 21 & MADDEN 21 – Reveal Trailer

NFS HEAT – Launch Trailer

NFS HEAT Studio – 200.000 personalized Trailers

NFS HEAT – Reveal Trailer

Anthem – Official Legion of Dawn Trailer

NFS HEAT – Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield V – ‘The Company’ Trailer

FIFA 19 – Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 1 - Apocalypse Official Trailer

Battlefield 1 – ‘Turning Tides’ Trailer

NFS Payback – Enter the Speedcross Trailer

NFS Payback – Story Trailer

NFS Payback – Welcome to Fortune Valley Trailer

NFS Payback – Gamescom Trailer

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